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WP Guy News Interviews Founder Jonathan Wofford with Your WP Guy a WordPress Support Company



Paul – WP Guy News 0:10
Hello everyone and welcome to the first of many hopeful additions of WP Guy News where we interview some of the up and comers in the WordPress game. Jonathan Wofford is here with us. And he runs Your WP Guy. Jonathan, thank you for coming on with us. And thank you for being the guinea pig for this trial run that we hope to be a success. Tell us a little bit about yourself though.

Jonathan Wofford – Your WP Guy – WordPress Maintenance & Support 0:32
So I’m Jonathan Wofford, from Your WP Guy. I’ve been I’ve been running this specifically as Your WP Guy for I think about five years now. Prior to that I was doing WordPress stuff for you know, since version 1.00. Not to date myself or anything, but that’s how long I’ve been doing WordPress stuff.

Paul – WP Guy News 0:57
And what exactly do you do with WordPress? What is that?

Jonathan Wofford – Your WP Guy – WordPress Maintenance & Support 1:02
So my focus over the years has has shifted a lot of times. As far as Your WP Guy is concerned, it’s pretty much anything that has to do with WordPress. So if somebody is like, hey, I need I need a WordPress plugin, alright, we can help you with that, hey, I need to redesign a WordPress website, we can help help you with that. I need maintenance on my WordPress website, which is our main focus is WordPress maintenance. That’s that’s where we try and get everybody started is come on a maintenance plan. And let’s let’s get your website working the way that it needs to be working. Because that’s a really big issue in the industry is people just they leave their website, and that just sits there. And suddenly you’re a big security risk for your own business as well as anybody else that’s on on your hosting plan with you.

Paul – WP Guy News 1:48
And so you’re exactly right with that, Jonathan. But what exactly makes Your WP Guy different and better amongst the rest?

Jonathan Wofford – Your WP Guy – WordPress Maintenance & Support 1:57
I would say I would say that I run par with the with the top guys that are in the WordPress field. What what I like to say is my top strengths and what probably sets us apart is response time. So somebody comes to me with a with an issue, I’m not going to pass it off to three other people that it has to get passed through and it’s going to go to engineering, then it’s going to go to the Dev, then it’s going to go back and forth to all of us that either I’m handling it myself or somebody direct that that’s directly working with me as handling it. So we don’t have that, that structure of you’re just a number to us, you’re actually a person because we want to focus on that relationship. So that’s another way that we kind of set ourselves apart is we really want that relationship and we want it to be long term.

Paul – WP Guy News 2:45
And if somebody wants to build a relationship with you, what’s the website, what’s the website you can go to, to do that?

Jonathan Wofford – Your WP Guy – WordPress Maintenance & Support 2:50
You can go to and you can take a look at what we’ve got out there and you can schedule a consultation with us the consultation is free. Ultimately the consultation is just get for me to have a better understanding of who you’re who you are your business and what your business needs are. So that I want to make sure that it’s a fit because it needs to be a fit on both ways. A lot of people they’re just like, Yeah, come on board and we’ll take care of you regardless, that’s that’s not always the case. It needs to be a fit on both sides and it’d be a fit for you and it needs to be a fit for us.

Paul – WP Guy News 3:25
Well, just like that, folks, this is the first edition of mini over at WP Guy News where we interview the top up and comers in the WordPress game and all around WordPress. Jonathan, thank you so much for joining us. We look forward to talking to you in the future.

Jonathan Wofford – Your WP Guy – WordPress Maintenance & Support 3:38
Alright. Thanks for having me.


WP Guy News is built to give as close to a single source of info for all the WordPress news. It is sponsored by Your WP Guy which is a WordPress Security and Maintenance company. You can learn more about our company here: Your WP Guy

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