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WordPress vs Website Builders: Which Option Is Best?



WordPress vs Website Builders: Which Option Is Best?

Basically, you can adapt WordPress to any type of website. However, it’s features, addons, and customizability, etc., make it an ideal option for advanced websites, such as:

Ecommerce Stores

Most website builders also support some type of eCommerce functionality. These features can be a viable option for small stores. However, for a serious store, you’ll want to go with a WordPress dedicated tool like WooCommerce.

In fact, if you look at all the ecommerce stores in the BuiltWith Top 1 Million, WordPress/WooCommerce is actually the most popular way to make an online store.

Dynamic Content Websites

WordPress started as a blogging platform. However, it’s long-since morphed into a full-service content management system that you can use to build virtually any type of website. Like website builders, you can use WordPress for basic brochure websites or portfolios. However, WordPress also excels when it comes to membership sites or dynamic content sites.

With features like custom post types and custom fields, you can easily adapt WordPress to different content structures. For example, if you’re creating a real estate listing site, you could create a new “House” content type that has custom fields for details like the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.

Memberships Websites

WordPress also does very well with membership sites. Using something called a membership plugin, you can easily accept member registration (free or paid) and restrict some/all of your content to members. This lets you create everything from online courses to private communities.

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