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WooCommerce Plugin and Extension Roundup v1



WooCommerce Plugin and Extension Roundup

Since the recent change in my WooCommerce news, I have removed new plugins and extensions from the news and will be doing occasional roundup posts for brief introductions of new products on the market.

The Latest Discoveries of New WooCommerce Plugins and Extensions

Collection of Free Activity Logging Plugin

Lone Star developers have developed a collection of plugins that they use internally that route data from activity from activity logging plugins to third-party cloud-based log management services.

Shipping-Based Products for WooCommerce and Ali2Woo

Hide the “add to cart” button for products imported from ALiexpress and which have no shipping methods for the customer’s delivery address.

Affiliate Program For WooCommerce

Allow affiliates to earn a commission by promoting your store and products on their social networks. Includes real-time reporting, tracking similar to transaction processes, unlimited affiliates, optional no-approval for new affiliates and maximum referral commissions based on order limit.

OneStock for WooCommerce

This extension takes your SKU’s from various sites on the same network and synchronizes them. Working with Multisite, and built on WooCommerce, it is 100% compatible with MultilingualPress. Both backorder and negative stock can be managed.

Express Checkout for WooCommerce

Frictionless checkout including real-time quantity update, less fields, compatible with most payment gateways, easy customization and mobile friendly.

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