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Why Choose A Green Hosting Provider In 2021?



green hosting provider

green hosting provider

We are always focused on how we can lower our carbon emissions now. In terms of CO2, China is the number one producer because of the amount of manufacturing. However, the United States came in second in terms of emissions. This needs to be curbed immediately to help the planet in the future. One of the biggest things that everyone needs to start thinking about is hosting. While it might seem minor, hosting continues to add to the growing problem of carbon emissions. What can be done about this? How serious is the problem? We will look at those questions, and it can help us understand why we need to choose a green hosting provider in 2021.

Emissions And Hosting

You may associate carbon emissions strictly with things like factories pumping smoke out of giant smokestacks or traffic jams with thousands of cars, all adding to air pollution. All of these are significant threats and a reason why electric-powered cars need to lead the charge in our fight against climate change. Still, though, hosting sites can also lead to larger emissions than you would think.

Many things have shifted over to the digital realm. Few read the newspaper anymore. Now everything is done on your phone or your laptop to check the news. Shopping is also done more online as people can order almost anything while in their kitchen or living room. It takes vast amounts of electricity to run all of these servers and specialized processors. To give you just some sort of idea for how much energy is needed to power all of these innovations, hosting and data use the same amount of power as the entire UK. That is a big problem!

Not only that but many times, this power is not coming from clean, renewable sources. Coal is still used by many to satisfy their needs for energy, dumping tons of emissions into our atmosphere. Right now, hosting and data transmission are using 416.2 terawatts every year. While we may be using less paper for your local sports section and people are driving to the mall less to go shopping, we still must be aware of how we add to the issue when we are browsing sites to shop online.

Why Choose A Green Hosting Provider In 2021?

Some hosts are aware of their impact on the environment. A great example would be Hosting Forest. Just like the name implies, they take a percentage of their profits to replant more trees. This is only one way in which they have decided to battle climate change. Is the service any worse when it comes to hosting? Not. They use all the latest technology for hosting and offer the same types of programs. If you want shared hosting to save money, you can use one of their many tiers. If you decide that you need more security, that is also available. Dedicated hardware can be set up quickly, and it gives you more protection compared with sharing hardware with many other clients.

Another reason to pick a green host is that you can select from many different kinds of hosts. You have GreenGeeks that you can choose from as well. With Hosting Forest, they are focused on initiatives where they are replanting as many trees as possible. GreenGeeks gives back three times the amount of electricity to the grid to offset what is being used. Using renewable sources such as solar, wind, and energy from hydroelectric dams, we can start to turn around the damage done.

SiteGround best hosting provider

Mainstream Choices

Both Hosting Forest and GreenGeeks focus heavily on their branding to show that they are doing more for the environment. You may be surprised to learn that some mainstream sources are doing their part. For example, many of you have heard of SiteGround. This is one of the fastest hosts that you can pick in 2021. They have some of the best technology using Nginx for their reverse proxy to balance load balancing. SiteGround will also make sure that they are always using the latest PHP and WordPress versions so that you can communicate better with customers.

One of the things to note, along with the superior technology used by SiteGround, is how they are also committed to doing more for the planet. Their lowest tier for WordPress hosting will run you just $6.99 for the month. It comes with a wide variety of features, including caching, a free CDN you can use, as well as one-click installation for things like WordPress. When you move up to their highest tier, the price just increases to $14.99 for each month, and it comes with many more options such as white label and better caching. All of their tiers come with a commitment from the company. They pledge to do a 100% percent match for all tiers of service for renewable energy. While SiteGround doesn’t have the same level of commitment that you see with GreenGeeks or Hosting Forest, you can tell that this idea of renewables is becoming more mainstream now.

You Choose Your Level Of Commitment

We have gone over just a few hosts that are committed to reducing emissions. As we can see, you can pick the level of commitment that you are comfortable with. The mainstream choices have options that you can choose from that will offset the energy you are using. Going with GreenGeeks shows that the planet is essential to you, and you want to step up what you are doing. Either option is not difficult. There is no need to set up unique settings on your WordPress site. You will just sign up with a host that you like and operate like you usually would. This is why it is so much easier to go with a green host provider in 2021. You can get the same excellent hosting that you are comfortable with, and the host takes care of things on the backend.

Other Options

Things don’t need to stop there in terms of what you are doing with your web hosting. Even the content that you are hosting will impact the environment around you. How so? A good illustration would be to think of a vehicle. With a car, you might have a straightforward engine under the hood. It is just there to get you around town. It doesn’t do much more than that. Compare that with a performance car or a sports car model. Under the hood, you will have many more features. Your speed from 0 – 60 will be significantly enhanced. The engine can take a lot more pressure and put out more horsepower.

Your site is similar to a car. You might have many features on your page, but it takes more energy to power everything under the hood. If you think of the DOM, with many different nodes, you will be making more HTTP requests, which will take more electricity. As we all know, the more electricity you use up, the harder it will replace it with renewable sources.

Be Careful Building Your Site

Your web host will display the site that you give them. If your code is stuffed with many bloats that are not needed, the web host will still host your page at no higher cost. That is an important distinction to keep in mind. If you want to pick a green host in 2021, you also need to do your part. It might be easy to create a site using Divi, but in turn, it makes a lot of bloated code “under the hood.” You might be including many files and libraries for your site that you never use! The extra code is making additional requests using the HTTP protocol, and you are wasting power every time somebody loads your site.

Take time when picking a site builder or theme. Take, for example, EcoCoded. With this theme, it will cut down on the power used to display your site. They only use one font, so there is no giant library to pull from. Images automatically will have their resolution lowered. Overall, this theme is shallow impact and friendly toward the environment. The best part is that you can use this for free. If you like it, upgrade to the paid version. This is an excellent idea if you are becoming more environmentally aware.


In conclusion, there are many ways that you can use less electricity when you are displaying your websites. Picking a good host is a great start, but you can delve into things further and put together your whole site using a theme that will have a low impact on the planet around you. The amount of pollution caused by web hosting is astonishing when you start to look at the numbers. We hope that you have learned a bit about finding a green host in 2021 and how you can lower your impact on the world around us.

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