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What’s New in WordPress 5.7 (Lazy-Loading, HTTPS, UI Updates, New APIs, and Much More)



What's new in WordPress 5.7

We’re accustomed to seeing small and not-so-small changes and new features added to WordPress Core every time a new version is released. WordPress 5.7 is no exception, and it’s great to see how each new release brings us a little closer to the Big Picture.

With several versions of the Block Editor merged into Core, the new release improves the overall editing experience and enables developers to build more advanced blocks and add more powerful customizations to the block editor.

Aside from the editor, WordPress 5.7 also introduces tons of changes and great features, including lazy-loading iframes, login and registration interface updates, reset password links, a vast number of bug fixes, and much more.

We’ve run our tests on DevKinsta, and we’re ready to share with you our favorite features and changes that are coming with WordPress 5.7—complete, of course, with tons of screenshots and code snippets.

If you want to dive deeper into the first major release of 2021, check out the WordPress 5.7 Development Cycle, Planning Roundup, and Field Guide.

So, while we continue to wait for Full Site Editing (in Core by WordPress 5.8), let’s get comfortable and enjoy what’s new in WordPress 5.7!

WordPress 5.7 is the first major release of the year 🥳 Check out the new features and find out what we may expect from WordPress in 2021 🎁Click to Tweet

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