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What You Can Sell Using WooCommerce and What Product Types Are



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You can sell all kinds of products and services with WooCommerce. But when adding these to your site, they will be assigned specific product data.

You can watch this video or visit this post to go through product types via text and screenshots.

In this video I talk a bit about what you can sell with WooCommerce, but spend the majority of the time going over what these four product types:

  • Simple Product
  • Group Product
  • External/Affiliate Product
  • Variable Product

This is not a slide show but a walk-thru/demo while I’m live in my WooCommerce dashboard. This is a video recording of a Seattle WooCommerce meetup virtual presentation.

Resources & Links

These are links to posts and other resources that will help you understand products types even more and how to extend them.

Product Types

These are posts of what I went over in the video around product types if you prefer text and screenshots.

How to Set Up and Extend External Products and Affiliates in WooCommerce

How to Set Up and Extend Variable Products in WooCommerce

How to Set Up and Extend Virtual and Downloadable Products in WooCommerce

How to Create Upsells and Cross-sells in WooCommerce

Plugins and Extensions

These are posts on the plugins and extension I mentioned in the video.

How to Add Custom Text Before and After the Price on Product Pages in WooCommerce

How to Easily Import Products from Affiliate Data Feeds into Your WooCommerce Shop

How to Offer Subscriptions to Your Customers or Members Using WooCommerce

How To Easily Create Add-ons for WooCommerce Products

Join us at our next meetup.

July 9th we will be talking about the setting up shipping with WooCommerce.

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