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What makes a backlink "Good"? – 3.3. SEO Course by Ahrefs



What makes a backlink "Good"? - 3.3. SEO Course by Ahrefs

In lesson 3.3 of our SEO basics course, you’ll learn what makes a backlink high-quality.

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Not all backlinks are created equal. And quality backlinks are a prominent ranking signal.

So, in this video, you’ll learn the attributes that make a backlink “good”. They are:

► Relevance
► Authoritativeness
► Link placement

What are these attributes and why are they important? How do you distinguish between them? You’ll learn everything in the video.

You’ll also need to understand the anatomy of a hyperlink and how the different parts relate to SEO. And there are 3 basic parts to a link that matter in SEO. The destination URL, anchor text, and the rel attribute or lack of one.

What are these and how do they work? Why are they important to SEO? You’ll learn all of this in the video.


0:39 Relevance
2:25 Authoritativeness
3:57 Anchor text
5:45 “Rel” attribute
6:58 The link placement

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