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What Is Google URL Blocklist? (Remove Your Site From Blocklists in 3 Steps)



URL blocklist

URL blocklisting has become a common occurrence these days, and it’s important that a savvy business owner does everything they can to avoid it.

If your site ends up on a URL blocklist, then you could see pretty big negative effects on your website traffic, and overall website performance.

Luckily for you, we have put together this article to give you some information you need to prevent your website from finding its way onto a URL blocklist, and removing it if it unfortunately does.

You may have stumbled upon the term “blacklist” being used in the past. At Kinsta, we fully support and embrace the industry-wide approach of using new technical terms that are more descriptive and free of any racist/gender connotations. Because of this, we’re in the process of updating all of our content accordingly.

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