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Welcome to INPUT: What’s the Difference Between a Freelancer and an Agency?




gf-Input-pr-2 Have you ever found yourself wondering what the difference is between a freelancer and an agency? Does it count as an agency if you’re only one person? Are you still a freelancer if you have a company name?

In this week’s episode of INPUT, Brad Miller from 10up shares his own story, discussing how he went from freelancer to agency owner – and now VP at one of the top WordPress agencies around.

Throughout the interview, Brad also shares insight into the differences between being a freelancer and running an agency, and provides some top tips on how to make the transition. Let’s jump in…

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Supporting Our Web Professional Community

By nature, Gravity Forms is an extremely extensible product, and we find this is reflected in our diverse community and the many uses of our form builder.

Many of our customers are at the forefront of web design, and we enjoy working closely with everyone in our community and helping to support their projects, however big or small!

If you are a freelancer, running an agency, or any other type of web professional, some or all of these resources may be of help to you…

Gravity Forms Documentation and Support

Gravity Forms has an extensive developer API that can be used to access and extend default functionality. Within the Gravity Forms documentation, you will find a dedicated Developer section, complete with numerous tutorials and snippets, as well as in-depth accessibility resources.

As well as our comprehensive documentation for developers, our highly experienced Support team are always just an email away. With countless years of WordPress and Gravity Forms experience between them, there is little Support can’t help you with when it comes to the more complex projects.

Other useful community support resources include:

The Certified Developer Program

Gravity Forms boasts an impressive ecosystem of community add-ons, and we pride ourselves on working closely with our third-party developers who, over the years, have developed useful and dynamic plugins to extend and enhance Gravity Forms.

Last year, to further support our developer community, we launched the Certified Developer Program. This program has been designed to support and promote third-party developers and their premium add-ons, which ultimately enable our customers to do even more with Gravity Forms.

Our certified developers are trusted, long-term members of the Gravity Forms community, with track records for reliability, security, and support. And their certified add-ons provide extra features and functionality not available in the Gravity Forms plugin, enabling users to further enhance forms, solve niche problems, and create unique solutions.

If you are a third-party add-on developer, interested in finding out more about our Certified Developer program, please get in contact.

The Gravity Forms Roadmap

Here at Gravity Forms, we love to learn more about how people are using our product and what we can do to further support and align the plugin with the needs of our customers.

Through the Gravity Forms Roadmap, we encourage all our customers to have a say on features that are currently under consideration, as well submit a new idea or share your thoughts on other issues that you think would help make Gravity Forms an even better and more well-rounded product.

The Roadmap also aims for more transparency between Gravity Forms and our customers, letting you know what we are working on, what our priorities are, and to keep you up to date with what has been recently launched.

If there are features you would like us to implement, or improvements you would like us to make to the form builder to further support your work, let us know via the Roadmap.

Case Studies on the Blog

As we previously mentioned, Gravity Forms has a wide assortment of use cases, and some of them are fascinating! If you want to find out more about some of the ways people are using Gravity Forms to give you some inspiration for your own projects, check out these case studies featured on the blog…

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Head on over to our Pricing page to view the Gravity forms licenses and choose the right option for your form building needs!

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