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Welcome To INPUT: Gravity Forms Launches A WordPress Lifestyle YouTube Channel




INPUT VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – Rocketgenius Inc., the makers of Gravity Forms, are launching a new WordPress Lifestyle brand called INPUT, served primarily through a new YouTube channel and podcast. INPUT will release weekly episodes sharing the stories and experiences of people across a variety of industries and disciplines.

With 82M+ WordPress websites online and an annual economic impact of over $600B, the world is full of people leveraging WordPress’ technology platform to connect their creativity with purpose. From coders and agencies to retailers, creators and influencers, the type of person using WordPress is rapidly diversifying.

“Rocketgenius Inc. has been a regular contributor to the WordPress community since we began. We’ve seen how meetups and WordCamps have expanded from purely technology-driven topics to business and work-life topics and we’re excited to be part of this more inclusive conversation.” says Rocketgenius Inc. co-founder Carl Hancock.

INPUT is hosted by James Giroux, a veteran of the WordPress community who has travelled the world on behalf of Envato, connecting with WordPress users, theme, and plugin creators, before joining Rocketgenius Inc. in 2020.

“INPUT is a recognition that the WordPress economy is more than just core, plugins and themes. It’s about people with incredible stories doing amazing things across many different industries. Hopefully along the way, we’ll discover new ways to solve problems and create opportunities with WordPress.” says James Giroux.

INPUT will also feature a collection of episodes that take an inside look at how Gravity Forms runs, with exclusive interviews of the staff and co-founders.

“Gravity Forms is such an iconic brand within the WordPress ecosystem but like many technology companies, most people probably don’t know what goes on under the hood. We thought it would be interesting for those looking to create their own WordPress products to go behind the URL, meet the people, and see the processes that make it all work.” says James Giroux.

Rocketgenius Inc., the makers of Gravity Forms, was founded by Carl Hancock, Alex Cancado and Kevin Flahaut in 2007. Since then, Gravity Forms has grown into one of the largest independent premium product companies in the WordPress ecosystem.

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Megan Jones, Rocketgenius Inc.

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