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Webinar: 5 Keys to Monetizing Your Plugin with Vova Feldman



Monetizing Your Plugin with Vova Feldman

What must you do — and not do — to monetize a plugin successfully? Find out in this interview with Vova Feldman of Freemius.

Why is it so hard for developers to pivot to the marketing and sales work a commercial plugin requires to succeed in the marketplace? What are the major mistakes and pain points? Should you offer unlimited support for life to customers? What if you have one big plugin or a suite of plugins? Maybe they’re not related to each other at all…

Watch the replay of the webinar interview with Vova Feldman, CEO and Founder of Freemius.

Vova Feldman is the Co-Founder of Fremius

Vova cofounded @SenexxInc, @RatingWidget, and @Freemius. He is a serial entrepreneur and full-stack developer who loves to turn dreams into reality. He is passionate about helping fellow plugin & theme developers to become more data-driven and building prosperous subscription-based businesses while working on products with

Vova got exposed to WordPress in 2011, a few months after starting to work on After doing some research, he realized the power and growth of the WordPress community and very quickly built the Rating-Widget WP plugin that became the most popular 5-star rating plugin on WordPress.

Vova’s life goals are learning something new every day, fitness, and the pursuit of happiness.

You can find Vova on his personal or Freemius Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook. Check out his Freemius website or blog. Or contact him on support (at) freemius (dot) com.

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