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Using the SecurityWP plugin on your Sites



Using the SecurityWP plugin on your Sites

With the new year upon us and having a forward focus in 2021 now would be a good time to look at new security plugin options for your child sites.

One of the newer plugin options for a security plugin is SecurityWP. The plugin includes a number of very useful security features and a very easy to use settings UI.

After you have installed and activated the SecurityWP plugin on your site it will add a new menu item to;

Settings > SecurityWP

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You can export out the SecurityWP plugin settings and then import those in on other sites that are also running the plugin to make setup easier.

It is not recommended to run multiple security plugins on your site and this holds true when using the SecurityWP plugin on your site. SecurityWP plugin will work with Cloudflare you will need to follow this KB article. SecurityWP would be a more secure option than just using Jetpack Protect to secure your site.

The SecurityWP plugin includes a number of features in the free version of the plugin. The pro version of the SecurityWP plugin includes a firewall and a number of other features.

The plugin will also add a useful admin dashboard that gives a decent overview of what it has been catching on your site.

The SecurityWP plugin only creates a limited number of options;


If you are looking for a new security plugin to protect your sites then SecurityWP would worth taking the time to test out if it is the correct solution for you.

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