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Using the Kadence Theme and Kadence Blocks Plugin on Your Site



Using the Kadence Theme and Kadence Blocks Plugin on Your Site

Clean theme options are really useful when you dealing with changing a theme on an existing site or using a clean theme for a new site build for a client.

One of the more recent clean themes is Kadence. The free version of the Kadence theme includes a huge range of features, whilst the premium version addon for the Kadence theme expands on those features with even more options. Some of the Kadence Pro addon features include header addon, hooked elements, ultimate menu, fixed elements, header/footer scripts as well as WooCommerce addon.

Kadence features can all be controlled using the customizer rather than having to use a theme options panel in wp-admin. Kadence also add an overview dashboard that can be found from;

Appearance > Kadence

Each of the settings in the Kadence dashboard will take you to the correct section in the customizer to be able to make the changes you need to make in the theme.

Kadence includes a huge selection of help docs that will be able to help you with any common issue you might run into when using the theme,

Manage all your WordPress sites with the MainWP Dashboard

WordPress Management for Professionals

All MainWP Pro Extensions are available through one of our convenient bundled packages.

Kadence also provides the Kadence blocks plugin which expands the block types to the block editor and includes a whole range of custom blocks that can be used. All of the custom blocks are covered in the help docs that are on the Kadence Blocks site. The help docs for Kadence Blocks also covered a large number of getting started help articles that should run into when using the plugin on a site. The Kadence Blocks plugin also has a pro version that adds four other block types that can be used.

The block editor has improved with each release and it is worth testing to see if the block editor with any of the blocks plugins would provide the features that would be useful on any of the sites you work on.

Kadence also provides starter templates that will help kick off a site’s build or theme update and the starter templates support both the block editor as well as the Elementor page builder plugin.

After you have installed the starter templates by the Kadence plugin it will add a menu item under the Kadence sub-menu in appearance.

The Kadence theme is performance-based, works well with the block editor as well as page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder. The Kadence Blocks and the starter templates will really help for being able to get going on a site update or a site update.

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