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Two Useful Plugins to Lazy Load Images on WordPress



Lazy Loading Images WordPress Plugins

Lazy loading images can help improve a site’s front-end load times for visitors. WordPress had native lazy loading for site images added in version 5.0 and was enhanced in version 5.9 at the end of 2021.

Besides the support for native lazy loading images, there are several solid WordPress plugins that will allow you to lazy load images on your site.

1. Flying Images

Flying Images WordPress Plugin

Flying Images has been covered before in other articles, but besides allowing images to lazy load, it will automatically serve site images from Statically CDN. The plugin also includes on-the-fly image conversion and WebP image conversion.

The settings for the Flying Images plugin can be accessed from;

Settings > Flying Images > Lazy Load

Flying Images Settings

2. Autoptimize

Autoptimize is another renowned WordPress performance plugin that includes lazy loading and many other optimization features. This also includes ShortPixel CDN integration for on-the-fly image conversion, which will help reduce the size of the images being served out to site users resulting in faster load times.

Settings > Autoptimize > Images

Autoptimize Performance Plugin Settings

The Flying Images and Autoptimize are both well-coded plugins that will allow you to easily enable the lazy loading of image assets on your site and provide many extra website optimization features.

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