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The Do the Woo Builder Survey for 2020



The Do the Woo Builder Survey for 2020

Earlier this year, I put out a survey for Woo builders over on After a month, I had 43 responses and did a podcast on it. But I wanted to share the results here over on BobWP. (Optional to listen to the podcast instead at the end)

The results in a nutshell

Here are the results directly from the survey.

Business Info

business info

WooCommerce Services and Products

business services and products

Other Services

I also asked them to list other services they offered.

  • Specialized Woo hosting
  • Setup
  • I only just discovered Woo and I’m trying to learn as much as I can.
  • Hosting

How 2020 Played Out

how was WooCommerce business in 2020

Changes and Pivots in Your Biz

did you pivot in your business

Impacts of 2020

Lastly, I asked those who took the survey to share any direct impacts that 2020 had on their business.

The effects of COVID-19 actually prompted me to start my business. Freelance projects in other areas declined, but I noticed new websites (especially with ecommerce) popping up. I’ve only just begun, so things are slow, but I expect 2021 to ramp up!

Slower growth than expected

Our service grew over 80% and we landed new partnerships in Woo and EDD with major players in the space, setting us up for a fantastic 2021

Lack of customers

We sell a key product that enables businesses to get paid online (with or without WooCommerce). 2020 saw a huge surge in new online membership and subscription business as well as offline businesses looking to build an online model. Being positioned close to the money was a key success factor for us. Along with this, I am inclined to believe that more individual business owners became DIYers, which is partially responsible for the growth of our paid support packages.

More people requesting free or discounted rates due to being hit hard by the pandemic.

If you prefer, you can listen to the podcast.

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