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The Blocks That Come with WooCommerce for Your Pages and Posts




As blocks for WordPress grows and grows, so do the default blocks for WooCommerce.

End of last year we first talked with Darren from Automattic about the Woo blocks and then again, with Matt Mullenweg.

WooCommerce Product Blocks for Pages and Posts

With these blocks you are not limited to only the product archive pages, nor do you need a special page builder. Used wisely, these come in handy for content based around specific products, giving more flexibility to smaller shops.

And as more and more people are using blocks to build their site, both pages and posts, including the homepage, are becoming more dynamic and the use of blocks are making even more sense to create custom layouts.

WooCommerce Blocks

All Reviews Block

This will pull in all the reviews. I can also choose what to show in the content of the review as well as how they are ordered, the number of reviews to display as well as how many I would like to load on the page. It is also kind of cool that you can choose the product image vs. the reviewers photo.

all reviews block

Featured Category Block

A simple block to choose a product category to feature.

featured category block

Featured Products Block

What’s nice about this block is the product does not have to be set as a featured product in the WooCommerce settings. And it also doesn’t automatically tag the product as a featured product when you use this.

Hand-picked Products Block

This one is very useful for showing a single product or a group of products specifically, the latter being displayed in a grid. It also lets you toggle content displayed off and on as well as setting columns and order.

hand picked products block

Best Selling Products Block

Best selling products are automatically pulled in based on your sales. You can also filter them by categories.

best selling block

Product Categories List

This is very similar to the product category widget but now available as a block.

product categories list block

Products by Category Block

Add a grid of products from any selected categories with several options available.

products by category

Newest Products Block

Again, pulling in your most recent added products and allowing you control content display and filter them by category.

newest product block

On Sale Products Block

Similar to the last two blocks, but only for products on sale.


Products by Attributes Block

You can also pull in products based on attributes if you are using variable products or some other aspect that uses attributes.

products by attribute block

Top Rated Products Block

Based on reviews that include ratings.

top rated block

Reviews by Product Block

Another review block, but this one allowing you to list reviews by a specific product.

reviews by product

Reviews by Category Block

The option to select reviews by a specific category.

reviews by category block

Product Search Block

Easily add a search field for products only.

search block

Products by Tag Block

If you use tags and want to show products specific to a tag, you can use this block.

products by tag block

All Products Block

This is a great idea for smaller stores. It basically recreates your shop page with control over the layout and the order of the products.

all products block

Filter Products by Price Block

Another widget that has turned into a block and lets the customer filter the products on page or post by price. Has the options editable and text, which would can see here in order of those two.

filter by price block

Filter Products by Attribute

This makes it easy to give your customers the ability to find the right size, color or other attribute of a given product. And the options for product count and the query type are nice additions.

filter products by attribute block

Active Product Filers

You can also display a list of the active filters so customers can enhance their product views by chip or list.

As you can see, blocks bring a whole new level to sharing your products on posts and pages. Take advantage as this continues to grow.

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