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The Best 40 JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks for 2021



JavaScript libraries

JavaScript libraries and frameworks make website and application development easier with wide-ranging features and functionalities—all thanks to JavaScript’s dynamic, flexible, and engaging features. According to a StackOverflow survey from 2020, JavaScript continues to be the most commonly used programming language (for the 8th year), with 67.7% of the respondents using it.

Its versatility favors both back-end and front-end development, in addition to testing them. As a result, you can find many JavaScript libraries and frameworks that serve various purposes. Hence, it can be confusing to developers when choosing the right fit for their project.

But don’t you worry! We’ve compiled a total of 40 JavaScript libraries and frameworks in this article, along with their features, benefits, and use cases. Stay tuned to find out about them and decide which one is suitable for your project.

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