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The Basics of Shipping in WooCommerce



packaging shipping

When it comes to shipping, there are so many moving pieces. And the direction you need to go will always will always depend on your variables.

If you are just starting to dive into WooCommerce, or even contemplating it, in this video from the Seattle WooCommerce Meetup, Eric Amundson walks us through the basics which include:

  • The General Shipping Settings
  • Shipping Zones
  • Shipping Classes
  • Examples of Shipping Setups

Note that this is not a slideshow, but a live walk-through in the WordPress dashboard. This is a video recording of a Seattle WooCommerce meetup virtual presentation.

Thanks to Eric from Ivy Cat for the presentation.

Resources & Links

Here are some links to posts on my site that will help you with adding functionality to your shipping options.

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You can join us at our next Seattle WooCommerce meetup.

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