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The 10 eCommerce email marketing metrics you need to track [VIDEO]



The 10 eCommerce email marketing metrics you need to track [VIDEO]

One of the reasons email is such an effective marketing channel for eCommerce stores is because it’s so thoroughly measurable. There are clear, helpful metrics you can gather from virtually every step in a marketing email’s journey to help you gauge effectiveness, spot issues, and determine areas you need to improve in the future.

But you can only take advantage of the analytical side of email marketing if you know what metrics are available, how to calculate them, what they mean—and how you can improve upon them.

In the video below, we walk through the 10 email marketing metrics that are most valuable to eCommerce stores. We discuss what those metrics mean, share some benchmarks for “good” and “bad” numbers, and give suggestions on how to improve numbers that aren’t where you want them to be.

And for even more on email marketing metrics, check out Jilt Learn’s lesson on email analytics!

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