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Some Performance Improvements in WordPress 5.9



Useful Performance Improvements in WordPress 5.9

The WordPress 5.9 is going to be released on the 25th of January. With this release comes a number of performance improvements for your site.

WordPress 5.9 Performance Improvements

Improved Lazy Loading

The lazy loading feature in WordPress core which was added in version 5.5 has been enhanced in the WordPress 5.9 release. The first content images and the iframe will not be lazy-loaded and skipped, this will improve the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) performance on your site.

Improved Block CSS Loading

If you are using the block editor on your site, the block CSS will load per block that is used rather than loading all of the CSS for blocks being enqueued in one single CSS.

This change will cut down the amount of CSS that is loading on the site and will improve the front-end load time.

These two improvements will help improve the front-end performance of your site with WordPress 5.9 installed. To check on all of the changes and improvements that were added in the WordPress 5.9 release then you should go through the field guide mentioned below.

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