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Site Migrations: SEO Mythbusting



Site Migrations: SEO Mythbusting

In the fourth episode of SEO Mythbusting season 2, Martin Splitt (Developer Advocate, Google) and Glenn Gabe (Digital Marketing Consultant, G-Squared Interactive) discuss the most common SEO questions and myths around site moves, URL migration, domain name changes, and more!

Specific timestamped topics discussed in this episode:
Redirecting images during a site redesign or migration (0:00)
Will you always experience a drop in traffic with a domain name change or a site migration? (1:53)
Buying a new domain name with history & traffic anomalies (2:40)
Site merger vs site move (6:24)
What goes on on the Google side once a domain name change is triggered? (8:12)
Why would one use the Change of Address Tool? (10:16)
If a site moves, is there a reassessment of content quality by Google? (11:15)
Should you revert back if a site migration results in a major drop in traffic? (14:54)
Should one unblock URLs normally blocked by robots.txt during a site migration? (17:31)
Most common problems after a site moves & doing things step-by-step (18:16)

Documentation mentioned in this episode:
How to 301 redirect images during a website redesign or CMS migration →
Site moves (with URL changes) →
Change of Address Tool →
Penguin update →

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