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Resources for Learning WooCommerce in 2021




There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of WordPress blogs out there that include posts on WooCommerce. Visit your favorite one and you will likely find a category for WooCommerce.

Over the last 2 or 3 years I have noticed an uptick in these. And that’s good. But often they are hit and miss and they also talk about everything else to do with WordPress.

When it comes down to good content and reputable sites, there aren’t a ton available with the focus only on Woo. But I wanted to list some here that may help you either in the start of your store or growing your site.

A List of WooCommerce Resources

Let’s start with the obvious.

There is a lot over on the site. Aside from extension documentation, you can find:

WooCommerce Blog – these are perfect for the store owner and merchant and are nicely categorized into Sell Online, Marketing, Shipping, Customer Service and Business Ideas.

WooCommerce Guides – a variety of resources including:

WooCommerce Basic Docs and Tutorials – if you need to understand the basics of WooCommerce, this is a perfect place to start.

Meetups – Meetups are a great way to gather with like-minded people and learn and share. Best of all they are worldwide, but now you can take advantage of any meetup as most are all virtual now.

Customer Showcase – this serves two purposes. One if to help you with your own ideas for your store. And secondly, if you need to convince a client that they should use Woo, this is a great place to send them.

Success Stories – want to hear what other store owners are doing. There is nothing like hearing the story behind a shop.

For the Developer at

And for those who want to dive into the guts and code of Woo:

Developer Resources – this is a comprehensive source of documentation that has recently been reworked and is growing all the time. It will easily become the #1 source for the dev.

Developer Extensions – everything a developer needs to build and get started selling extensions including API documentation, product update information and more.

Developer Blog – the perfect place for a developer to keep updated on Woo.

WooCommerce Live

This weekly meetup is perfect for the beginner and/or the merchant. You learn more about it right here on BobWP.


WP101 is the mainstay for educational learning in the WordPress space and has been for 10 years. Shawn is not only a good friend, but a valuable asset to the community for the work he has put into it. Aside from the other videos you will get there, they have a WooCommerce series that will help you easily grasp the basics. They are short, concise, easy-to-understand and are kept up-to-date.

WooCommerce on LinkedIn Learning

Not only do you get access to some great WooCommerce resources, but a lot more I’m sure you would find useful. This resource has been one that several people I know have raved about. Patrick Rauland, eCommerce expert and formally at WooCommerce, has a great series on WooCommerce there.

Note: you can often find free access to LinkedIn Learning at your local library.

Business Bloomer

Don’t let the name fool you. Rodolfo Melogli as a treasure trove of tutorials and resources for the WooCommerce developer.

Do the Woo

I couldn’t leave without mentioning my other site, Do the Woo. If you build sites with WooCommerce, or products and services for WooCommerce and want to learn more about the Woo builder community, check it out at

As I mentioned, there is a ton of stuff out there. But I consider these resources a deep dive into Woo vs. scattered posts on a WordPress blog. And of course, there is plenty to find here on BobWP as well.

I will keep this post updated when I come across new resources.

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