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Janice Sheilah

Q&A with Janice Sheilah of WP FeedBack PRO



Q&A with Janice Sheilah of WP FeedBack PRO

Today we are talking to Janice Sheilah of WP Feedback PRO. Sheilah is WP Feedback PRO’s social media manager. She also helps handle support.

She joined Vito Peleg’s team in 2017 as a virtual executive. She has been working as a virtual executive since 2010.

With WP Feedback PRO, she and her team help you manage each stage of your WordPress client projects and cuts 50%-80% of project completion time without having to use tons of different tools.

Some of the things you will learn about Sheilah:

  • She is a single mom with a 10-year-old daughter.
  • She works for WP Feedback PRO from home.
  • She is the lone woman on the WP Feedback PRO team.
  • She knows how to clean, customize, and overhaul car engines.
  • She loves to drive for miles on the weekend, listening to rock music.
    She counts on Siri for daily help.

Thank you, Sheilah, for taking the time to answer the questions!

How did you get started in WordPress?

I taught myself how to set up my own WordPress blog in 2012 and built it from the ground up. It looked terrible, but it gave me immense satisfaction. It gave me a chance to interview a few personalities about finance, freelancing, music, and food.

What is your role at WP Feedback PRO?

Janice Sheilah
Janice Sheilah

I started as Vito’s assistant, back when Vito and his team used to focus on agency websites. We then delved into charity websites for a time then transitioned to WP FeedBack PRO. It started as a way to manage our internal communications then grew into an awesome platform where we get to help agency owners and freelancers manage their website projects and clients. I help manage our support team, and I manage our social media presence.

How do you get started each workday?

I’m a single mom and have a 10-year-old daughter, so things get pretty busy as soon as I wake up! I make sure I have my to-do list written down on my notebook the night before and set small goals at the start of each day.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I check our support desk first thing, then check any WordPress related news on my phone as I do a one-hour workout.

I work from home for the whole day (and night!) as well as do Mommy chores. It’s hard to strike a balance between work and personal life, but I strive to be better at this every single day.

At the end of each workday, I review my day, plan new goals for the next day, and write down my to-do list while I put my daughter to sleep.

What do you like about working for WP Feedback PRO?

I’m the only girl in a team of guys! I love Vito and our team – they’re like family.

We do our team meetings daily without fail and take the time each day to reach out to everyone. We engage in professional development initiatives by doing regular intensive courses and internal team seminars so we can further improve our product and discover ways to serve customers better.

WP FeedBack PRO inspires me to work harder and encourages me to be passionate about helping other people.

What gets you excited about working at WP Feedback PRO?

Vito has this valuable tip for any situation – always ask the WHY.

The fact that we are constantly aligning our main purpose of existence to our vision of fixing communication processes for WordPress professionals, begs us to ask the WHY in everything we do.

And this gets me excited to work because it defines a definite picture of a future where every project delivered in space is intertwined with WP FeedBack PRO.


What would people be surprised to know about Janice Sheilah?

I love cars! I clean, customize, and overhaul the engines of the cars I own. I took a one-year automotive course in 1995 and was the only girl in a classroom of guys.

What do you like to do for fun?

On weekends, I drive for miles with rock music on speakers, literally going full throttle on highways.

What are the must-have tools in your toolbox?

We presently use Teamwork Desk for chat, project management, and customer service. For project management, it’s Trello, and for social media, I use Buffer and Airtable. For graphic items, it’s Adobe Photoshop, and for passwords, it’s LastPass.

Siri is my best friend because when I’m so busy working that I no longer have an extra hand to do another task, I just call on him.


What would you like to see differently in the WordPress industry, and why?

Community events, which are an important part of the WordPress project, have taken a hit due to COVID-19 concerns. Many organizers have had to cancel WordCamps and meetups because of this.

In response to this global emergency, hosting virtual events would be a great option so that the community can continue to connect with and inspire each other.

In line with this, Vito and a team of experts in the field started to develop a way to reach out to people in the WordPress space through a secure online venue. Through built-in video conferencing, networking, and live broadcasting, this could be a viable platform participants, and exhibitors can continue their attendance at conferences online.

Wrapping it up

I really love learning about some of the people who help us succeed every day. Sheilah is a big part of the WP Feedback PRO team.

You can catch up with her on Facebook or in the WP Feedback Pro community.

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