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Post Status Excerpt (No. 12) — Takeaways From The ACF Acquisition



Cory Miller and David Bissett host the Post Status Excerpt Podcast

A Focus On Mental Health And Long-Term Stability

In this episode of Post Status Excerpt, Cory Miller and David Bisset discuss the recently announced acquisition of Advanced Custom Fields plugin by Delicious Brains Inc. After having time to absorb community feedback and listen to a pre-recorded interview with those involved, David and Cory share why this move is a win for the WordPress community in the long run.

Also covered in this episode: For freelancers and solopreneurs with projects and products that grow close to an unmanageable size: where do you draw the line between owning your product and handing the reins of your creation to someone else? (Controlling your destiny is great, on the one hand, but having full responsibility and the stress that comes with it is tough to sustain, on the other hand.)

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