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PeachPay Review: Turbocharge Your Checkout Process for Increased Sales



PeachPay Review: Turbocharge Your Checkout Process for Increased Sales

It’s no secret that the longer and more complicated your checkout process is, the more likely customers are going to abandon their purchase and go elsewhere. This is the problem that the makers of the PeachPay plugin for WooCommerce have aimed to solve by developing a tool that they say can slash checkouts down to just 4.5 seconds.

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It’s a bold claim, but one which could well prove to be a game-changer if you find yourself with an ever-increasing abandoned cart problem.

Why? Because the whole idea behind PeachPay is to ensure that returning customers can purchase all the products they want from you with just a single click of a mouse. As such, you get to eliminate the kind of fuss, frustration, and hassle associated with a multi-step checkout process, meaning customers are much less likely to give up on you and see their purchase through to the finish.

So far so good, but does it work?

Is the PeachPay plugin really effective in delivering one-click checkouts in just a few seconds? And if it is, just how easy is it to use?

Let’s get into our complete PeachPay review to find out.

PeachPay Plugin Review

PeachPay plugin

The first thing we like about PeachPay is that it comes with a three-month, free trial, so you can try it out unencumbered and only plonk down the $99 per-year fee if it proves to be a worthwhile addition to your online store.

The free trial comes without any restrictions, which means you’ll have complete access to the full range of features including:

  • Simple setup onboarding process
  • Secure payment processing via Stripe
  • Cross-device functionality so customers can shop on any device
  • Enhanced post-sale experience to encourage loyalty and long-term repeat sales
  • Quality customer service.

Let’s look at some of those features in more detail:

Simple setup and effortless onboarding process

You can download PeachPay for free from the WordPress Plugins Directory simply by going to Plugins – Add New from your WordPress dashboard then searching for ‘PeachPay.’

Click Install then Activate and you’re good to go.

Connecting WooCommerce

In order for PeachPay to work, you’ll need to integrate into WooCommerce which is literally as simple as clicking “Approve” to confirm that you give PeachPay Read/Write access.

You don’t even need to go looking for this setting. It’s the first thing that pops up once you’ve activated the plugin.

It’s also important to note that while granting this permission technically gives the plugin permission to do several things, really the only task that it’s technically able to complete is fulfilling orders, so you don’t need to worry about the plugin conflicting with any other functionality on your eCommerce store.

Setting up Stripe

PeachPay integrated with Stripe

Along with WooCommerce, you’ll also have to set up Stripe, which is as simple as clicking the notification on your dashboard following the instructions.

If you already have a Stripe account, you can simply log straight into that, but keep in mind that this needs to be an account that’s already linked to your eCommerce store.

When we first tried setting up PeachPay, we tried using a Stripe account we already had set up for another website which rendered my activation key useless. That was a little annoying and meant we had to go through the chore of setting up a new Stripe account, but if you’re already using Stripe on your WooCommerce store, this clearly won’t be an issue.

Fortunately, the good news is that if you do need a brand new account, you can set one up in about a minute by entering key details about your business as well as some contact information.

With that, you’re set up and ready to go.

Effortless One-Click Checkout

With PeachPay set up and activated, you’ll now find that when customers visit your product pages, they’ll be presented with an orange button inviting them to buy with one-click

The first time they use this option, the term “one-click” is a little misleading as they’ll still need to enter their shipping and payment details as usual.

However, we found that even this takes practically no time at all, especially if customers already have autofill enabled as many do.

With that done, customers complete their first checkout with PeachPay in about 10 seconds and are then invited to download the app to keep tabs on their order history.

This is where the app really comes into its own as once that initial order has been placed, the “one-click” promise really does come true.

Returning customers just need to click that same “Buy With One-Click” button, only this time, all of their information has been securely saved and all they need to do is click the pay button.

Voila! From product page to completed purchase, the whole process takes less than five seconds, meaning your customers can now shop happily without having to work their way through an endless, laborious checkout process.

Enhanced Post-Sale Customer Experience

If customers do decide to download the PeachPay app to their phones, they’ll find that it does much more than simply allow them to look up their order history.

It can also be used for direct-purchases from your store and even to find other stores they may like. This ‘Discover New Stores’ feature is especially enticing, as of course, as well as introducing your customers to other new stores, it also means there’s every chance that customers of other online retailers are going to find your store too – a nice added bonus that could help you grow your business even further.

Fast-Acting, Quality Customer Service

Somewhat surprisingly, the PeachPay team doesn’t seem to make much of a big deal about their customer service and support, but in trying out their plugin for this review, we have to say it was one of the main things that endeared them to us the most.

When we had that aforementioned issue with the Stripe account, we simply shot a quick “help, it’s not working” email and got a reply back ten minutes later. Within the space of half an hour, the whole problem was solved.

This is a far cry from other plugins that offer lackluster support if they indeed offer any support at all. It’s not uncommon to send a cry for help to a plugin developer and not get a reply back until the next day or even later than that, so a ten-minute response and 30 minute resolution time is definitely commendable.

PeachPay WooCommerce Plugin: Our Verdict

We started this review by asking whether PeachPay really could optimize your checkout process to just 4.5 seconds and now, having tried it out ourselves we can confirm that yes, it can indeed.

Of course, the whole thing does mean customers will have to enter their payment and shipping details the first time round so that they can use the one-click checkout in the future, but we found that even the first-time checkout was infinitely faster and effortlessly simpler than the default WooCommerce process.

Our little Stripe snafu aside, we also found the setup and onboarding process as simple as easy as you could hope for, meaning you could go from installing the plugin to offering excellent one-click checkouts to your customers within the space of about 5 – 10 minutes.

Add in surprisingly good customer support and a handy app that provides plenty of added value for your customers at no extra cost to you, and what you’ve got here is a quality, affordable app that may well be the answer to all your abandoned cart problems.

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