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Our Website Got a Whole New Look!



Our Website Got a Whole New Look!

A few months ago, we set forth to do a complete redesign to Elementor’s website. We wanted our new website to reflect all the changes that happened over the span of five years with our product and our company’s perspective.

During the redesign, we have launched twenty brand-new pages, exclusively built using Elementor. They tell our story of growth, put the spotlight on the web creators who build amazing online content and show where Elementor is heading. 

Inside these page, it was important for us to reflect the development our product has gone through, our company and our community, including:

  • Developing Elementor from a page builder to a full-blown web creation platform. 
  • Building a wider and stronger community and ecosystem around Elementor.
  • The added functionalities to the product.
  • The wide variety of tutorials and learning materials. 

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