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Monthly Template Kits #17: The Beauty Salon Template Kit



Monthly Template Kits #17: The Beauty Salon Template Kit

The carefully worded service descriptions are what make Flair’s Services page such a useful, informative asset to the client’s decision-making. Customers always like to know the pricing of what they are looking for and what each service entails. This is the advantage of being transparent about your business offering — you’re reassuring visitors that your pricing range accommodates all budgets. 

This range of client options attests to the business’s range of expertise: from hair, beauty, nail services to makeup. The hero section’s faded background text element, paired with a traditional hero image and title puts a new spin on ways to pair imagery and typography.

Our Elementor Expert Shmuel Abramoff shared with us how he created this design layout inside the Elementor Editor: 

  1. Choose vw for your CSS font sizing unit. 

This will allow your font sizing to be responsive to the device’s viewport (effectively its screen size). 

  1. Make the position of the heading (or element) absolute
  2. Apply a higher z-index for each element (in this case the smaller title and the image) to be above the large “Services” title.

The subliminal messaging within this dual heading effect is hard to overlook. The combined pairing of two poignantly-sized sans-serif texts conveys the salon’s added value. Flair’s supersized, vast selection of treatment-types coupled with a modestly-sized menu title that accounts for the informative, actionable details.

The Services page is a Page template.

You can download it from Editor > Open Library popup > Pages tab > Scroll down the page and find it or search for “Beauty Salon”.

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