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Monthly Template Kits #16: The Travel Blog Template Kit



Monthly Template Kits #16: The Travel Blog Template Kit

Our brand new travel blog template kit uses a versatile, sophisticated yet upbeat design scheme for those exploring the world through travel. The kit is a balanced combination between the traditional and the alternative, the familiar and the unknown, all of which come together in a beautiful blog layout. 

In the spirit of adventurism and the ambition to embark on new frontiers, we designed the traveler blog with subtle yet unique details: simplistic black on white backgrounds and texts, with orange design assets, light grey gridlines, scattered square shapes, and so on. 

The role of the travel blog template kit is to enable travel bloggers, and really bloggers of any discipline — to have an easy yet sophisticated way to jot down their experiences, thoughts and musings. World travel is all about excitement, turning over rocks and new leaves, and simply meeting new horizons that you’ve never seen before. Between all the hustle and bustle, finding time to record your experiences and insights for other travelers can be a big undertaking. And so, when you’re provided with a quick and easy way to write about what you’ve seen and done, you have the opportunity to make the project happen. 

Of course, there are so many reasons and experiences that people want to create blogs for, be it cooking blogs, storytelling about your personal artwork, and personal blogs of any sort, you now have a simple recipe to follow in order to create a clean and modern blog website.

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