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Minimal Clean Theme Options for your Child Sites



Minimal Clean Theme Options for your Child Sites

Being able to find new theme options that are not bloated and are performance-based can be a struggle to have to look through which works well. One of the newer themes is Blocksy which is performance-focused.

The Blocksy theme works with page builders like Beaver Builder, Elementor, and the block editor in WordPress core.

Blocksy has a child theme which can be installed, along with a companion plugin which extends the feature of the Blocksy theme.

The theme includes a number of built-in performance options such as dynamic CSS output, lazy loading, and being able to disable emojis.

One of the other cool features in the theme is it includes built-in extensions that can be enabled such as cookies consent, Instagram, Mailchimp, widgets, and WooCommerce Extra.

Blocksy > Extensions

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The Blocksy theme includes a number of theme options, some of the other nice features the theme has is a header builder.

Starter sites for Blocksy are still being added there are currently a number of starter options. The existing starter themes are designed for the block editor, Elementor and Brizy.

Blocksy > Starter Sites

The Blocksy theme zip file is only 2.03 MB in size. When the theme is decompressed out it is around 6.46 MB in size.

There should be a pro version of the Blocksy theme in the very near future. Which will probably take the form of a premium version of the companion plugin.

Blocksy is an easy to use and clean performance-focused theme which works with a number of pages builders as well as the block editor.

Another recent clean theme option is Air Light. The Air Light theme is based on the Underscore theme.

The Air Light theme does not have that many theme options in the customizer at the moment but it will have more options added over time.

There is a public roadmap for the new features and changes that will be added to the Air Light over the next couple of months. The Air Light themes zip file is only 1.9 MB in size which is pretty lean when decompressed out the theme is around 2.92 MB in size.

Both the Blocksy and the Air Light themes are two of the newer minimal starter themes which are worth testing out for your next client site build or for your own site.

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