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Let Customers Give the Gift of a Subscription on your WooCommerce Site




It doesn’t matter what you sell: products, services or learning experiences. Giving your site visitors the opportunity to gift a subscription to a friend, relative or colleague is perfect for them and works beautifully for your conversions.

Working with the popular WooCommerce Subscriptions extension, it allows both the person who purchased it and the recipient to share the subscription for the duration of it.

Giving the Gift of a Subscription with WooCommerce

Once you have installed the Gifting for WooCommerce extension, on your WooCommerce > Settings > Subscriptions you will find the Gifting Subscriptions settings. Just customize what you want the text box to say and toggle the option on and off if you want to share downloads as well.

general settings

Adding a Gift on a Subscription Product Page

When we are on a product page with a subscription, we get this option. By checking the box, we are able to add the recipient’s email.

option for gifting for product on store page

In your cart, you will see the recipient’s email again and can make changes if needed. You will also be able to make email changes at final checkout as well.

subscription gift added to cart

Shipping Address Added by Recipient

After the subscription has been purchased and gifted, the gift recipient, if they don’t have an account, will have an account created for them. They will then receive an email that will ask them to add their shipping information and change their password.

Gift Subscription Management

In the account, both the recipient and the purchaser will be able to manage the aspects of the subscription. The only options the recipient won’t have access to is:

  • Resubscribing
  • Payment method changes
  • Upgrade or downgrade of subscription
  • Viewing renewal orders

Membership and Downloadable Products

The gift subscriptions works with the Membership extension and gives the benefits to the person who has received it vs. the purchaser.

Downloads can also be included in the gift subscription. You will note that in the first screenshot there is a place to toggle this on in your settings. The recipient will be able to access all files associated with the product and download permissions can be applied to both the purchaser and the recipient.

If you are running a WooCommerce site with subscriptions, this is a perfect way to extend both your offerings and your sales with existing and new subscribers. You can learn more about the Gifting for WooCommerce Subscriptions extension here.

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