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Introducing the Museum of Block Art (MOBA)



Introducing the Museum of Block Art (MOBA)

Introducing the Museum of Block Art

Introducing the Museum of Block Art (MOBA), a new project from WordPress community members that seeks to inspire creativity and push the limits around what can be done with WordPress. 

All of the art curated here is built using the block editor thanks to design tools that have come over the last few releases from border support to gradients and more. Here’s just a peek of some of the pieces of art below: 

The Museum of Block Art’s mission is to show just how far you can go with WordPress these days. Each featured creation is made using just the block editor, mostly without any custom CSS. 

Wondering how it’s all done? Just click on the art piece that has captured your attention and you’ll see the markup used along with the “raw materials” in the form of blocks. The site itself is designed and built by Beatriz Fialho, Product Designer at Automattic, using the latest and greatest with a block theme and full site editing features. 

Community Innovated and Inspired

After a hallway hangout a few months ago with folks from the community, I found myself exclaiming out of excitement “we have to do an art museum” after seeing some neat patterns from Tammie Lister, Senior Product Designer at XWP. Unable to get this idea out of my head, I jotted it down into the notes and started to consider how to bring the idea to life, especially as WordPress continued to add even more options for design.

It was the same feeling I have when visiting museums where, after being so inspired by what I see, I find myself picking up my camera with new vigor to capture the world creatively. Fast forward to today and a community of folks have come together to make this a reality from all over the world. If you’re like me and find yourself inspired to create your own art, share what you’ve made using the hashtag #WPBlockArt. 

This was a true “teamwork makes the dream work” project with folks so thank you to Tammie Lister, Beatriz Fialho, Allan Cole, Rich Tabor, Nick Hamze, Brian Gardner, Javier Arce, Mel Choyce-Dwan, Channing Ritter, and Francisco Vera for each of your contributions. 

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