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HTML to WordPress: A Detailed Guide for Uploading and Converting HTML



HTML to WordPress

Uploading and converting HTML to WordPress is done for a wide variety of reasons. You may want to convert an old, static HTML site and run it on the WordPress content management system. There’s also the possibility that you simply need a place to store or share an HTML file, and WordPress provides a viable solution for both of those.

Switching from HTML to WordPress often feels intimidating or unproductive. We’re here to guide you through the process to ensure that you learn the tools required to convert HTML files and complete a conversion on your own.

HTML is a simple markup language, and WordPress, although powerful and filled with features, is fairly simple and intuitive. Therefore, the conversion between HTML and WordPress shouldn’t feel like a chore either.

Keep reading to learn more about HTML basics to WordPress conversions, along with the real-world situations in which you may consider such a move.

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