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How to Use “Version Management” in iThemes Security Pro



Version Management iThemes Security Pro Plugin

If you are already using the iThemes Security Pro plugin for site security on any of your Child Sites then you can use a built-in module to control automatic updates on your Child Site(s).

The module is called “Version Management” which will give you control over automatic updates for WordPress core, plugins, and themes.

The version management comes in handy if the site has a limited stack of installed plugins and includes mostly the static content without a lot of common breaking changes.

Version Management in iThemes Security Pro

You can find the module from the following admin menu item;

Security > Settings > Features > Site Check

iThemes Security Pro Features -> Site Check -> Version Management

Inside Version Management of iThemes Security Pro Plugin

Control Version Management of iThemes Security Pro Plugin

In the custom option for plugins and themes, you can select which plugins and themes would automatically update, which should not, and set a delay before there is a new version for a plugin or theme to be automatically updated.

If you have had experience issues updating specific plugins then it’s better to set a 2 or 3-day delay on that plugin.

This would be where a major plugin update might cause an issue on the site but the bug fix released the same day or the next day would fix the bug that was introduced in the major plugin update.

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