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How to use the Fluent Support Plugin on Your Site



How to use the Fluent Support Plugin on Your Site

Self-hosted support plugins are available for WordPress but a number can be limited. One of the newest support plugins that were launched is Fluent Support. The company behind the plugin WP Manage Ninja is also behind well-built plugins such as FluentCRM, Fluent Forms, WP Social Ninja, and Ninja Tables.

To get going to setup the support portal setup you will need to create a support portal page and use the shortcode on it.

The Portal page in Fluent Support uses the following shortcode.


To show the built-in login form use [fluent_support_login]

For the user registration use this shortcode [fluent_support_signup]

For both forms use the shortcode [fluent_support_auth]

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Customers then when logged in can then create a ticket on the site. It is also possible to open a support ticket on behalf of a customer.

Fluent Support includes integrations for WooCommerce, FluentCRM, Fluent Forms, Slack, and many other plugins and services.

The pro add-on for Fluent Support adds features such an email piping, saved replies, ticket tags, custom fields on tickets and workflows, and automation.

Fluent Support is performance-based and is built on Vue.js and the WordPress REST API as a single paid application. If you are looking for an easy-to-use and well-built support ticketing system for your site then look no further than using Fluent Support.

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