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How to use Jetpack Boost to Improve your Sites Load Times



How to use Jetpack Boost to Improve your Sites Load Times

One of the easiest ways to improve your Google Web Vitals site performance is to use the just out beta Jetpack Boost plugin on your site.

After you have installed and activated the plugin it will add a new admin menu item called;

Jetpack Boost

In your order to use Jetpack Boost you will need to connect it to your account for making the Jetpack connection.

After you have connected Jetpack Boost you will see what the performance results are for the site before the performance gains have been made. The site performance uses the Google PageSpeed API. The settings for the plugin are very basic and cover the following optimize CSS loading that will generate the critical CSS needed for the site that will improve the time it takes for content to show on the site. Critical CSS can take two to four minutes to generate on your site this is normal.

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The second feature that Jetpack Boost provides is to defer non-essential JavaScript this will help improve the time it takes for visual information to display sooner by deferring certain JavaScript assets on the site.

The last feature is for lazy image loading this will only load images the site user can see. This will improve site load times and will save bandwidth for customers. After you have enabled all of the features in the plugin now retest the site’s performance.

More features will be added to the Jetpack Boost plugin over time and the plugin is production-ready and you can use it on any of your live sites now for some easy-to-make performance gains.

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