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How to Set Minimum and Maximum Quantities in WooCommerce




When you install WooCommerce, out of the box it gives customers free rein to order any quantity they like. Unfortunately, this doesn’t meet the needs of all stores. The good news is that you can easily solve this problem by installing a WooCommerce min/max quantities plugin such as Barn2’s WooCommerce Quantity Manager plugin.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the features offered by WooCommerce Quantity Manager and how to set them up in your store.

Why You Should Take Control of Product Quantities

Allowing customers to order products in any quantity they want is great for the customer. However, this can be bad for business and potentially damage your profits.

Let’s take a look at some examples of how different types of quantity rules can improve profitability:

Minimum Order Values

You can set minimum order values, either for the entire cart or specific products (or product categories). Some products are very low value (such as candy or products on clearance) and it isn’t profitable for stores to send them in smaller quantities. Setting a WooCommerce minimum order value can fix this.

Minimum Product Quantities

If you sell low-cost products, selling individual items might not be profitable for your business. By setting minimum product quantities, you can ensure customers purchase the minimum product quantity. For example, you might require customers to purchase at least 12 eggs if you run a grocery store.

Maximum Order Values and Quantities

While all stores love receiving large orders, it’s important to ensure that you have the capacity to handle each order. WooCommerce maximum quantity rules guarantee this by letting you set limits, either on selected products or the entire order. For example, if you only have 20 Dutch ovens on-hand, you might set the maximum order quantity to 4.

Change the WooCommerce Default Quantity

WooCommerce displays an initial starting value of 1 in the quantity field. This indirectly implies that it’s normal to order a single unit of the product at a time. You can create an expectation to order higher quantities by changing the default quantity to 0 or a higher number. This is different from a quantity rule because it’s just a suggestion which the customer can override. When used correctly, however, it can help you increase your average customer value. For example, if you sell pillows, you can set the default quantity to 4.

Sell Products in Quantity Increments

Using a WooCommerce min/max quantities plugin, you can force customers to order in logical quantity groupings that fit with your warehousing and packaging systems and ensure operational efficiency. Following our example from above, if you sell eggs, you can set the quantity increment to 12 so customers purchase eggs by the dozen.

Min/Max Quantity Per User Role

You can choose which user roles the WooCommerce min/max quantities apply to. For example, you can set them up for wholesale customers only or for members only. This lets you tailor it even more closely to the needs of your store and the shopping experience you want to deliver.

The WooCommerce Quantity Manager plugin has everything you need to take full control over product quantities in your WooCommerce store. It can help you deliver a better user experience and increase profitability.

How to Add WooCommerce Min/Max Quantities to Your Store

Here, we’ll show you how you can set WooCommerce min/max quantities to your online store.

First, get the WooCommerce Quantity Manager plugin and install and activate it on your WordPress website. Next, head over to WooCommerce → Settings → Products → Quantity manager from the admin panel. Enter the license key you received the confirmation email to start using the plugin. Once that’s done, click the Save changes button to continue.

Set Global Quantity Rules

From the settings screen, you can set whichever global WooCommerce min/max quantity rules you’d like. The different types of quantity rules you can set include:

  • Order quantity rules
  • Order value rules
  • Default quantity
  • Quantity step values

In addition to this, you can also set the user roles the min/max quantities will apply to.

Set Category-Level Quantity Rules

You can also set quantity rules at the product category level. Here’s how:

Go to WooCommerce → Products → Categories and add (or edit) a category. You’ll be able to set WooCommerce min/max quantities or the min and max spend limits for that category.

It also gives you the option to set quantity increments and step values.

Set Product-Level or Variation-Level Quantity Rules

Using the WooCommerce Quantity Manager plugin, you can also set WooCommerce min/max quantities at the product or variation level.

To get started, open up the product or variation you want to add min/max quantities to. Next, scroll down to the Product data section and click on the Inventory tab.

From here, you can set a WooCommerce min/max quantity or a min/max value on a per-product basis. It also gives you the option to set a default starting value and quantity step values.

These instructions work for both simple and variable products in WooCommerce. So, if you add product-level quantity rules for a variable product, they’ll be shared across all variations of that product. For example, if you set a minimum order quantity of 20 then customers can mix and match variations until there are at least 20 in their shopping cart.

However, if you want to set WooCommerce min/max quantities for each variation, you simply go to the Variations tab and edit each variation. You’ll see min/max quantity fields that you can set.


Here’s what it’ll look like on the front-end if you set a minimum quantity of 10, maximum quantity of 50, and quantity step values of 2 for a variable product.


Getting Started with WooCommerce Minimum and Maximum Quantities

By setting WooCommerce min/max quantities for your online store, you can ensure all orders are profitable for your business.

The WooCommerce Quantity Manager plugin packs plenty of options that can help you deliver a good user experience to customers while helping you boost your average customer value.

Get the WooCommerce Quantity Manager plugin today to start setting minimum and maximum quantities in WooCommerce.

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