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How to Restrict Products Based on the Purchase or Ownership of Another Product on WooCommerce



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There are numerous ways to create membership sites using WooCommerce. Often these are larger sites that have specific needs.

But what if you wanted to restrict a product or two based on the purchase of another product? For example, I sell this software that teaches you how to set up your podcast. I also want to see a specific mic on my site that I recommend. But I don’t want to be in the business of selling and shipping mics to the masses. That’s what this plugin can do.

The WooCommerce Product Dependencies Plugin

This free plugin makes it simple. As you can see, I have what I will call the Podcasters Digital Soundboard Pro. This is a video series. If I scroll down to the Product Data, I will see a tab for Dependencies.

I need to fill out three fields.

First is the option to choose products or product categories as the product dependency.

Then I will choose the type, ownership or purchase, or both. This will depend on if you want to use the product as an upsell or it’s simply an added bonus or suggested product.

Lastly, I can add a custom notice.

As you can see here, I have added my course called Podcasters Digital Soundboard Pro for the product dependency. I want this to be available only to registered users for the course and have added a custom message.

If they land on the product page for the mic and clicked add to cart, this is what they see.

And of course, anyone who has previously purchased the required product do not see the message and are allowed to purchase the mic.

As you can guess, this is something you might want to use sparingly and under specific circumstances. In fact, it might be best to mark the product hidden on your site. If you sell other items, it would be very frustrating for potential or existing customers to try to purchase it only to get this message.

On the other hand, if you want to do this to encourage an upsell, and the product is very unique and makes sense to offer to an existing purchase, then this would give you a unique selling approach.

You can find the WooCommerce Product Dependencies plugin on

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