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How to Remove MailOptin Plugin Data on Your WordPress Site



Remove MailOptin WordPress Plugin Data

If your site is using the MailOptin plugin which is used for lead generation, email automation, and newsletters. It is recommended to use a solid well built external platform for email automation and sending out newsletters than using a plugin that can cause performance issues on your site and cause database bloat.

MailOptin WordPress Plugin

MailOptin WordPress Plugin

The plugin will store data using the following custom database tables;


When the plugin is deactivated and deleted it will not remove the custom database tables that will be bloating out the site’s database.

The database tables can be removed using a plugin such as WP-Optimize and then searching for MailOptin in the tables tab of the plugin. This can be found in wp-admin from;

WP-Optimize > Database > Tables

WPOptimize Database

Select all of the database tables related to the MailOptin plugin and then remove them.

Another plugin option to be able to drop database tables is WP-DBManager. After the plugin has been installed it will add a new menu item in wp-admin to be able to drop the database tables related to the MailOptin plugin go to:

Database > Empty/Drop Tables

Select all of the MailOptin database tables in the UI and then click on the Empty/Drop button.

WP DBManager WordPress Plugin

The WP cron events that are added by MailOptin are called;


The cron event will be removed when the MailOptin plugin is uninstalled on the site.

Being able to remove database bloat from your site database and using a solid marketing platform will help your site in the long term.

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