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How to Migrate WooCommerce Products, Images and Attributes to a New Shop



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There will come that time that you may need to move your products to a new shop. The fact that each product carries a specific date can make you a bit more cautious. So it’s important that it is done right, and done easily.

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How to Export/Import Products From One WooCommerce Site to Another with WP All Import

This plugin has an add-on for WooCommerce and you will need to make sure to have that installed. I have chosen WooCommerce products from the Specific Post Type. It shows me that 84 products will be exported.

export products

You can also filter your export based on several elements and set a rule and value to it. And you can add as many rules as you need.

filtering options for export

You can customize the export file even more by dragging and dropping the data that is available for your products.

customize product export

The data is already filled in for me, so I am going to click on Migrate Products. There is one more step as I confirm the export: the option to export now or schedule it. Additionally, in the Advanced Options, you can toggle the Only Export Products if you want to do an export/import later but only want new products migrated over.

confirm and run product export

Once the export is completed, I will take the easier option of downloading the bundle. You can also export on a schedule and have options to send your exports to external apps with Zapier. You can bulk edit your products as well.

product export completed

Also, under scheduling, you can grab the URL to the bundle file in case you might want to automatically sync products from one site to another.

schedule manual with URL

Importing Your WooCommerce Products to a New Site

On my new site I have no products.

no products on new site

To import the bundle, I simply run a new import and will choose Upload a file.

uploading a file

Everything is set for me so I am going to skip to Step 4.

product file uploaded

You have several options, including viewing each imported record. One thing to note is that if I were syncing products I could optionally set up an automatic import schedule here.

step 4 in import

Now I can view my import summary and confirm and run the Import My Products.

confirm and run import

My import is confirmed, accompanied by a log for details.

import complete and confirmed with log

if I was to look at my products page, I see that all 83 were imported. Of course the number looks lower here as each variation is considered a product import as well.

product page with imports

If I open a product, I see that all the info has been imported.

successful product imported

And if I look at a variable product, all my attributes are imported.

And the variations.

variations imported

There you have it. A successful export/import of products done easily. So if you are looking for a seamless way to migrate your WooCommerce products, images and attributes, check out WP All Import.

Migrating Your WooCommerce Customers

If you want learn how to migrate your customers easily and successfully, check out my post here.

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