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How To Make Google Analytics PIPEDA Compliant In 2021



How To Make Google Analytics PIPEDA Compliant In 2021

Wondering if Google Analytics complies with Canada’s PIPEDA privacy laws similar to those of the European Union’s GDPR?
But, how is PIPEDA different from GDPR? Does making your site compliant with GDPR ensure that you’re compliant with PIPEDA too? There’s a lot of information around the web regarding the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, otherwise known as (GDPR). And, no doubt you’ve noticed that many companies add cookie acceptance pop-ups on their websites.
The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act or (PIPEDA) is Canada’s federal private sector privacy law similar to GDPR. PIPEDA regulates how private businesses can collect and use Canadians’ personal information. This encompasses any collected information, regardless of how it was collected and how it’s kept and used.

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➤ Timestamps in this video:
00:00 Introduction
01:00 What is PIPEDA
01:41 What If I’m GDPR Compliant?
01:49 2 Methods Towards Better Compliance
01:59 Using MonsterInsights For PIPEDA Compliance
02:43 Using Cookiebot For PIPEDA Compliance
03:07 Why Using MonsterInsights Is The Best Choi

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