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How to Improve WooCommerce Sales Using Your Instagram Feed



How to Improve WooCommerce Sales Using Your Instagram Feed

Marketing your products is a necessary part of any WooCommerce business. While you probably already own an Instagram account, you might not be using its full potential. 

With Instagram’s yearly increase in users, it is definitely a platform that’s worth looking into for your WooCommerce store. WordPress offers many Instagram feed plugins, but Spotlight PRO offers you something more than just displaying your Instagram feed on your website. 

This is especially true if you have a good number of Instagram followers. Engaging with your audience and asking them to post photos of themselves using your products can produce tagged and hashtag posts that you can display on your site using Spotlight PRO. 

In this post, we’ll show you how to create a hashtag feed that provides you with testimonials and added social proof while directing viewers to specific products. 

Spotlight PRO

Let’s get started!

What Are Hashtag Feeds?

Hashtag feeds have been used by many well-known brands to connect with their clients and they have been proven to work. In short, a brand can create a custom hashtag and ask clients to upload posts of themselves using their products with the dedicated hashtag. You can also ask clients to tag your account. 

This works for two reasons. First, people love seeing their posts showcased on their favorite product’s website. This creates a community around your product and brand. Second, these feeds are perfect testimonials. New visitors will be further enticed to buy your products if they see that people all over the world are interested in and enjoying your product. 

With just one image gallery, in the form of your Spotlight Instagram feed, you can start engaging with your current audience while connecting with new potential customers. 

Let’s see how it’s done. 

How To Set Up Your Instagram Feed

First, you need to install Spotlight’s free plugin from the WordPress plugin directory. Search for Spotlight Social Media Feeds and install and activate the plugin.

Next, go ahead and purchase Spotlight PRO. You will receive an email with the plugin and license key. Install and activate the premium plugin and in a matter of seconds, you will find yourself on the Spotlight PRO page in your WordPress dashboard.

Here, you can start connecting your account and setting up your feed.

Note: If you’re using Elementor, you can use Spotlight’s Elementor widget and follow the rest of the tutorial directly within your Elementor editor.

1. Connecting Your Account and Setting Up Your Hashtag Feed

Click on Connect your Instagram Account. This will take you to a second page where you can connect a Personal or Business account. 

connect instagram account

While Spotlight PRO works with both types of accounts, we suggest that you upgrade to a Business account if you haven’t already. This not only unlocks features within Spotlight PRO, but also gives you access to Instagram insights and promotional features within Instagram itself.


Note: Some features are only available to Business accounts due to Instagram’s API restrictions.

Once you’ve allowed Instagram to access your Instagram account, you will automatically be transported to Spotlight’s interface. Start by clicking on the Connect tab. 

Here you can start setting up your hashtag feed. Simply type in your dedicated hashtag (in this case, #minimalbackpack) and choose between most recent and most popular. Click on the Add button and your feed will be instantly populated with your customer’s posts. 

You can also opt to show tagged posts by clicking on your profile under Show posts where these accounts are tagged.

interactive preview

2. Design Your Feed

It’s time to start designing your feed. Hop on to the Design tab where you will get access to over 40 customization options and Spotlight’s live interactive preview. This setup is great for newbies and pros alike. With each design setting you select, the live interactive preview will show you a preview of what your feed will look like on the front end. 

While there are many available options, we’ve noted some of the most popular ones below:

  • Layout options (Grid, Masonry, or Highlight)
  • Setting the number of posts
  • Outside and image padding
  • Background colors (ranging from transparent to any HEX, or RGB color)
  • Text sizes
  • Button text size and colors
  • Instagram stories 
  • Header styles and follower counts
  • Displaying posts in a popup lightbox 
  • Displaying posts by popularity, by date, or at random
  • Hover customization

For the purpose of this post, we’ve created a 4-column Masonry feed with a centered header. 

four column

When you’re done designing your feed for desktop, click on the tablet and mobile device to set up the responsive feed. While Spotlight PRO is completely responsive, it allows you to further modify the look of your feed for each device. 

device preview

3. Filter and Moderate Your Feed

Next, you have the option to filter and moderate the feed. We recommend that you do not skip this step. Since you’re bringing in so much content from all over Instagram, you want to make sure that you’re showing visitors exactly what you want them to see. 

You can filter your feed in two ways: Filtering and Moderation


Head on over to the Filter tab. Here you can filter Instagram posts through caption or hashtag filtering. Simply type in the words or hashtags you want to exclude or include in your feed and hit Enter. Your feed will automatically be updated in Spotlight’s live interactive preview. 

Visual Moderation

Go to the Moderate tab to be able to manually select which posts you want to show or hide in your feed. This process is pretty straightforward. Start by choosing whether you want to show or hide the selected posts and simply select the posts with your mouse.

moderate tab

4. Promote Your Products

To up your Instagram game, Spotlight PRO gives you one more great feature: Promote. In this tab, you can link specific posts to products on your WooCommerce store. Spotlight PRO will detect WooCommerce and create a Link to product in the dropdown menu.

link options

Type in the product you want to link to or choose it from the dropdown menu. 

link options 2

Next, add an optional popup box link text that shows up on the bottom right corner or in your popup lightbox. 

link options 3

You can follow the same process to link posts to blog posts, pages, or any custom URL.

enable promotion

Spotlight PRO can also automatically link Instagram posts to specific URLs, blog posts or products. This can be done in two ways:

Automated Promotions

Spotlight PRO can detect hashtags in both your own and imported posts, and then link those posts to particular products automatically. To enable this, check the box next to Automated promotions in the Spotlight PRO editor.

Next, go to Instagram Feeds > Promotions > Automate in the WordPress sidebar. Specify which hashtags you wish to automate and set the link options. This setting will be applied across all existing and future feeds.

automated promotions

Global Promotions

You can also set your own Instagram posts to always link to a particular product. This reduces the need to continuously link your posts to your products in every new feed you create. To enable this feature, check the box next to Global promotions in the Spotlight editor.

Then, go to Promotions > Global Promotions, select your post and set the link options. Once you click Save, your settings will be applied across your feeds.

global promotions
global promotions preview

5. Embed Your Feed

Finally, it’s time to save and name your feed. Give it a memorable name so that you can easily identify it later.

embed your feed

To embed your feed, you have these options:

  1. Shortcode
  2. WordPress Block
  3. WordPress Widget
  4. Elementor Widget

You can choose these depending on the location you want to display your feed in. 

location embed

In this example, we’ve used the Spotlight PRO shortcode to display the feed on our Home page. 

shortcode display


In this post, we’ve seen how one simple Instagram feed can provide you with so many benefits. With Spotlight PRO you can:

  1. Keep your site looking fresh with constantly updated posts.
  2. Provide added social proof by showcasing actual customers using your products.
  3. Increase your marketing reach as more people will use your hashtag on Instagram for an opportunity to be featured on your website.
  4. Add a new sales funnel that drives sales through social proof.

This is a guest post by Gabriella Galea. You can follow her on Twitter here.

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