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How to improve Largest Contentful Paint for a better page experience



How to improve Largest Contentful Paint for a better page experience

Largest Contentful Paint is a metric that measures how quickly a page’s main content loads and renders (or paints) most of its visual elements to the screen. Learn more about what a good Largest Contentful Paint score is, how to measure your website page’s Largest Contentful Paint, and how to optimize servers, networks, and more to improve your page’s Largest Contentful Paint.

0:00 Introduction
2:30 What is Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
4:08 How is LCP measured
4:37 What is a good LCP score
5:55 How to find your LCP score
8:49 Elements that affect LCP
9:00 Servers
9:43 Networks
11:33 Front end code
19:00 Edgecases
21:48 Conclusion

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