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How to Display Your Physical Store Locations on Your WooCommerce Site




One of the important things on any site, and especially on an eCommerce site, is making it as easy as possible for people to find exactly what they are looking for. And if you are a retailer, giving them easy access to your store locations is critical. In fact, it’s not just for stores. For professional services that have a physical space, it is just as important.

That is where the plugin WooCommerce Store Locator comes in handy. This plugin offers you some very helpful features, such as the ability to easily add your stores and a Google map with store locations, a search for stores and distance, and the capability to add a list of stores to any page or post.

Setting Up the WooCommerce Store Locator Plugin

First, you will find a few general settings. Here you will need to acquire and add your Google API Key. From there, you will be able to choose values for both units and distance, include in search and set a default location.

general settings

Your Store Locator Page

Also, after you have installed and activated the plugin, a page called Store Locator will automatically be created.

store locator page

Adding Stores to Your WooCommerce Site

Now we are going to add a few locations. For this example I am using some Apple store locations.

As you can see, it’s very easy to set up each location.

Store Information

store location information

Google Maps Information

Here you can set it for Google Map. You can add your Latitude and Longitude, but there is also an easier option. You can just put in the physical address to get it. (Note that the map looks different as my API is for development purposes only)

You can also set your Zoom Level as well.

google maps information

Lastly, you can add products that are available at specific stores as customers will be able to filter that on the page.

products for store locator

Store Locator Page Final

Once we have put in all your stores, by viewing the page we get a nicely laid out map and details on each location.

At the top, you will notice a search so you users can find which is nearest to them as well as filtering by product.

store locator page on site

You can also:

  • View a list of all locations for easy editing
  • Use a shortcode and insert this on any page
  • Bulk import locations

That’s it! A very easy way to add your store locations to your WooCommerce site. Check out the WooCommerce Store Locator today.

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