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How To Design an Effective Landing Page — 8 Best Practices



How To Design an Effective Landing Page — 8 Best Practices

You can create a wide range of different landing pages. For example, you might be raising awareness for an upcoming event, or sharing information about a new product. However, landing pages are most commonly used to drive conversions in marketing and advertising campaigns, including email and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. 

Instead of directing visitors to a general page on your website, you can take them to a landing page that’s customized specifically for a particular campaign. This page will encourage the visitor to convert by guiding them towards a single, compelling CTA. By creating an effective marketing landing page, you can help drive conversions and ultimately create a more successful campaign. 

Unlike most web pages, landing pages often actively discourage exploration in an attempt to push visitors towards the CTA. This is why so many landing pages hide the website’s regular menu, or remove links from the header and footer areas. 

Your landing page CTAs can either be focused on lead generation or encouraging click-throughs. Lead generation is the process of attracting someone who has demonstrated an interest in your products or services, and starting them down the sales funnel.

Lead generation CTAs often involve the prospect sharing their contact information with your company. At that point, the prospect is considered a qualified lead. A lead generation CTA might encourage visitors to book a free consultation with your engineers, or sign up to your mailing list.

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