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How to Create Advanced Custom Pricing Rules for Your WooCommerce Products




There are numerous reasons you may want to base the price of a WooCommerce product on specific criteria. In other words, a price is based on a series of rules or conditions which could be a product’s category, tag or stock. Or it could also be for a user’s role or their geographic location.

For just one example, you may want to give all registered customers a 10% discount based on their city and assigned to one specific category.

The WooCommerce Advanced Pricing Plugin

Using conditional logic, this plugin doesn’t have a ton of settings, yet, with the mixed options you can choose from, it is very versatile. And as with many plugins for WooCommerce it can be set globally and per product.

Under the WooCommerce settings, you will find a Pricing tab, where we can create our first rule.

pricing settings

By clicking on the Add Advanced Pricing, I start by adding a condition group.

add addition group

You can see here all of the conditions available to you.

condition options

A few examples.

Here I have chosen User Role. I can have it either equal or not equal to any of the roles I have on my site.

If I choose Product Category, I cn show it either when its in the order/cart or not. And then of course any of my categories.

condition product category

Lastly, if for some reason I chose to only give it to three states in the US:

Next I create my price action. There are two options, for both the Action type and the Price type.

The action type for modified price gives you the single field.

action type modified price

The bulk pricing gives you an added option for a minimum and maximum quantity.

action type bulk pricing

With the price type you can choose between the regular or sale price.

price type regular or sale price

In the pricing field, you have three types of calculations.

  • If you choose 25% or -25%, it will decrease or increase the price by 25%
  • If you want to increase by a dollar amount, you can either put in -10 or +10 to deduct or add $10 to the price.
  • Or, if you simply put in 100, it will set the price to $100.

Aa an example, I am setting a reduced price of 15% here.

setting price

So essentially, I have set a deal for any of my existing customers, who are shipping to Washington, Oregon or California to get 15% off any audio interface in my store.

final pricing with various conditions

And I can do the same for any single product.

add pricing condition for an single product

If I go to one of these products, I will now see the discount applied.

discount applied to product

This plugin will work with all product types.

As you can see, there are so many ways you can take advantage of pricing based on various conditions.

To learn more about the WooCommerce Advanced Pricing plugin, you can go here.

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