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How to Create a Successful Client Onboarding Process



How to Create a Successful Client Onboarding Process

A poor onboarding experience can result in a high churn rate, which refers to the frequency at which you lose existing customers. Your first 90 days with a new client are incredibly important for building a relationship and ensuring that they stick with you. Therefore, you’ll want to do your best to use this period to establish a strong client relationship.

A solid and replicable process for onboarding your clients can increase your efficiency, and improve your chances of scaling your business successfully. For example, you could reduce the time spent determining whether new customers are a good fit by having everyone fill out a web design questionnaire from the start.

Client onboarding can also be used to establish web design project expectations for both parties. Discussing this can ensure that everyone is on the same page, and help to prevent scope creep.

Also, consider that about 84 percent of B2B folks rely on referrals when making buying decisions. Effective onboarding can result in happier clients, thereby increasing your chances of successful upsells and word-of-mouth referrals down the road. This creates a compelling case for ensuring that your onboarding stage is as beneficial and comprehensive as possible.

Finally, establishing a sound onboarding process can facilitate legal compliance when it comes to signing on new clients. As we’ve alluded to already, you want to make sure your procedures are replicable so you don’t unintentionally leave out any important steps.

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