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How to Create a Dropdown Menu in WordPress Beginners Guide



How to Create a Dropdown Menu in WordPress Beginners Guide

Do you want to make a dropdown menu and add it to your WordPress website? A dropdown menu shows a list of links as you take your mouse over them on the menu. We use a dropdown on our own site and in this guide, we will show you how to easily create a dropdown menu un WordPress with step by step instructions.

0:00 Intro
1:08 How to create a menu for dropdown
1:53 How to create pages to add to the menu
3:03 How to add categories to your menu
3:14 How to add submenu items to your main menu
4:02 How to add your menu to your menu location
5:50 How to create a menu using the customizer

We’ll start by going under Appearance, Menus and create a new menu or edit the menu where we would like to add the dropdown. We will add the pages and posts that we want to include in the menu to organize. The selected content will be in your menu area and you will have the ability to modify the order here.

To add the dropdown you would want to drag the menu item to the right and drop it. WordPress should move it to the right and name it a sub-item. This will place it beneath the content as a dropdown option that you can save to keep it there. Now you can use the checkboxes below the menu or go into Appearance, Customize and choose your theme-specific location to add the menu.

If you would like to create a mega-menu on your site for more control you would want to take a look at our guide here:

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