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How to Bulk Edit Prices, Attributes and Products in WooCommerce




Small stores with fewer products can easily keep up on editing. But when you are a larger store and you need to update products, prices and attributes on a timely and easy basis, it can be a lot of work. The ability to bulk edit these elements will save you a ton of time and money.

The Bulk Edit Products, Prices and Attributes Extension

To give you an idea, this extension can edit and update these product properties:

  • Product title, SKU, visibility, length, width, height, variations, images, and galley image actions.
  • The featured product, description and short description action.
  • Shipping class, allowing backorders, managing stocks, stock quantity and status.
  • Sale and regular price.
  • Global product attributes, category actions, delete action, tax status and class.

Filtering the Products

To start bulk editing, you have a variety of options for filtering the products you want to edit or update. Obviously, there are several single and combinations of filters. I cannot go through them all, but this shows you some of the possibilities.

filter products

Once you have selected your products, you will preview them. I have selected a couple of categories.

preview of products to be edited

Now it gets detailed, depending on what edits or updates you are making. I have expanded each drop down menu to give you an idea of just how much control you have over editing each of these product elements. And with each option, other fields will be available to add in more details on the update or edit.

Once you have all your product edits set, you can either publish or schedule.

publish or schedule edits and updates

There are so many options with this extension. As just one example, when I did this last one I chose to append the description on several products. It merely involved adding the line, “Note that shipping times my be delayed”.

appended description edit

After running it, I see that it was added to my selected products.

edited product

Doing that manually to several dozen selected products would have taken much longer.

To see even more details on updating and editing products, you can check out the Bulk Edit Products, Prices and Attributes extension here.

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