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How To Alert Your Customers to a Product Price Drop in WooCommerce



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There are a couple of advantages to alerting your customers on a product price drop. For those who visit your store, it builds trust simply because you are giving them an opportunity to save money. The other not-so-obvious benefit is using this to find that sweet spot for a price of a new product or one that isn’t selling. If you have flexibility in determining your prices, this is the perfect testing tool.

The Price Drop Notifier for WooCommerce

This extension works with both simple and variable products and will display on the single product page. The customer will be asked the price they are looking for, and when it drops to that price, they will be notified.


There are a few settings you can toggle on and off for who can see this and the visibility of it on out of stock items. You can further filter the users and the products that this will appear on.

general settings for price drop notifier

Notification Settings

There are three notifications/emails that you can set here, as well as three fields for the email settings.Note that there is one available if you are selling subscriptions.

price drop notifications

Each can be edited with subject line and content.

edit notification for product price drop


You can edit numerous messages for successful submissions or any errors for the required content.

success and error messages for price drop submission

Localization (label, title changes, etc.)

On both the subscribe form on the product page and what customers will find in their account, you can customize any of the titles, labels, buttons and placeholders.


And this is what it looks like on the product page.

price drop notifier form on product page

If a customer submits a request for a particular price, this is the email they would get. (Note that I used the default email message but I could have customized this email.)

email confirmation of submission

If the customer were to go into their account, they would also find it there.

price drop notifications in customer account

As a store administrator or owner, I can view all emails that have been submitted.

email log

As you can see, this simple extension can help you with one specific need. If you choose to use it for testing and tweaking your prices, be careful not to abuse your customer’s requests. Don’t collect it just for the sake of data, but keep them informed and take action when you decide upon a final price.

You can learn more about the Price Drop Notifier for WooCommerce extension here.

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