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How to Add Subscription Plans to Any Existing WooCommerce Products




If you are looking for a way to create recurring revenue but would like to offer customers the chance to subscribe optionally to your products, this extension makes it easy. It makes sense with products that customers may want or need to buy frequently.

The All Products for WooCommerce Subscriptions extension gives your customers the ability to optionally subscribe to the product they are interested in, at the moment of interest or at the purchase of the product.

Turning Your Existing WooCommerce Products Into Recurring Revenue

With this extension, you can make any simple or variable product type available with a subscription. You can also offer discounts to encourage signups.

You will need to have WooCommerce Subscriptions extension installed for it to work.

When we go into a product that is currently not a subscription, we find a tab labeled Subscriptions with the option to add a plan. If I currently had created a plan, I would just choose it here.

product settings

We will now add the subscription plan. In the first section, you have the option of choosing one-off selling or not. If you toggle it off, it prevents the customer from purchasing the product by itself. I will show you examples shortly. You can also customize the options header.

one off

Now you have two choices of layout.

  1. Flat, renders all options as radio buttons
  2. Gives the customer radio button to prompt them to buy one time or subscribe and groups the plans in a drop down.

Next you will add the subscription plan. In the first screenshot, you will see that for the price, we have chosen “inherit from product.” This uses the same price of the product for that specific plan. If you choose to, you can also add a discount, which is a great way to upsell while and giving your customers a better price by committing to a subscription.

subscription plans for product

Or you can override the product price and offer a sale on the subscription.

add subscription and override

I have set up two plans here, with the one-off selling unchecked. I have set a discount if they go monthly, but none for the other option.

subscription plans with one off selling off

As you can see, the subscription offer is in place and there is no option to just purchase a single gift basket now. This eliminates the Add to Cart and replaces it with Sign Up Now. This is using the first layout.

final product with layout 1

And with the second layout.

final with layout 2

To tweak this, I am turning on the ability to sell it as a single product. I have chosen the default option to be the subscription and chosen the 2nd layout. I have also based both on the product price but offered a discount on both of them as well. Lastly, I changed the heading to recommend the savings by going with a subscription.

multiple deals with subscriptions

You will see that the extension adds a nice incentive after the price at the top. We have the monthly subscription as the default choice checked, and of course, they can purchase the single one-time basket if they choose. If they do choose one-time purchase, the subscription (deliver) dropdown does not show up.

combo deal with one time

You will see, that once added to the cart, they still have the option to change their mind and go with either of the subscriptions.

options to change in cart

Giving you the option to add this to the products you already have in place on your WooCommerce store is a great way to generate some recurring income.

Make sure you check out the All Products for WooCommerce Subscriptions extension here.

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